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            Petroleum Methylnaphthalene


            Petroleum Methylnaphthalene takes reformed aromatic hydrocarbon as materialk, is the mixture of α-Methylnaphthalene and β-Methylnaphthalene.

            Molecular formula: C11H10

            Quality index

            No. Item Quality index CAS
            First grade Second grade
            1 Appearance Colorless transparent liquid 1321-94-4
            2 Density(D204 0.98-1.04 0.975-0.99
            3 Distillation Range (quantity of distillate ≥98%) ℃ 238-245 225-245
            4 Flash point ℃≥ 100 95
            5 Methylnaphthalene  %≥ 96 55


            Used in organic synthesis, insecticide, medicine, dye intermediates, also as a solvent of senior paint.

            Packaging, storage and transportation

            tank car or metal pail, This product belongs to dangerous goods, stored in accordance with the regulations of dangerous goods .

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