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            β-Methylnaphthalene (2-Methylnaphthalene)


            Petroleum grade β-Methylnaphthalene is to use reformed aromatic hydrocarbon as raw material, through efficient distillation separation, β-Methylnaphthalene>96%.

            Molecular formula: C11H10

            Quality index

            No. Item Quality index CAS
            1 Appearance White monoclinic crystal or molten form solid 91-57-6
            2 Density (D204 1.03
            3 Boiling point(℃) 241.1
            4 Flash point ℃≥ 97
            5 β-Methylnaphthalene %≥ 95


            Production of vitamin K3 used as intermediate, also for the preparation of β- naphthol in oxidation way, and then used in the production of birth control pill, plant growth regulators, textile printing and dyeing auxiliary, Surfactant.

            Packaging, storage and transportation

            Tank car or metal pail, This product belongs to dangerous goods, stored in accordance with the regulations of dangerous goods .

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